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Divorce & Family Law

Andrea Harries is the most experienced Family Law Solicitor in Bridgend. As well as advising on the divorce procedure itself, Andrea has extensive experience and expertise in associated matters relating to children, financial disputes and domestic violence. She also advises on legal issues involving co-habiting couples and civil partnership relationships. Andrea recognises that the priority for all couples whether married or co-habiting on the breakdown of a relationship is the welfare of the children. She is experienced in helping parties to resolve disputes, wherever possible seeking to reach agreement for financial and contact arrangements in relation to the children, which is acceptable to both parties, before the matter gets to Court. Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to resolve some matters amicably and Andrea has a wealth of experience as an Advocate in the County Court and representing clients at all Preliminary and Final Hearings before a Judge on these issues.

One of the most stressful aspects is the breakdown of a relationship is how the parties are going to manage financially. Again, with her vast experience, Andrea can assist in reaching a fair and reasonable settlement if at all possible without the need for lengthy Court proceedings and the costs and bad feeling that this sometimes creates. However it is not always possible to settle matters by consent and Andrea recognises that sometimes there is a need to proceed to a Final Hearing to protect her client's interest and achieve the result he/she deserves and is entitled to.

Unfortunately domestic violence is something which is common in our society and Andrea has an understanding of the issues involved and experience in trying to resolve them. Discretion and confidentiality is required together with a need to act quickly and decisively to afford her clients the protection that the Law can provide. No-one has to put up with domestic violence. You can speak to Andrea in complete confidentiality.

For advice on these or any other issues relating to the breakdown of relationships or family matters generally, please ring 01656 653485 pressing option 2.

Please note that Whittinghams does not have a Legal Aid Franchise in this area of Law.